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Jazz Done Over Time

In a lockout compressed season where four games in a week is the norm, uttering the word overtime can draw harsh looks. Knowing this it shouldn’t have come as a surprise how exasperated both the Hawks and Jazz appeared when the Sunday matinee finally ended after four of them.

Utah, at least statistically, did everything right except the most important thing –win the game. Whether it was points in the paint, fast break points, or second chance points the Jazz more than dominated the action. Points on the other hand belonged to the Hawks. Atlanta’s bench outscored the Jazz bench 6-0 in the fourth and final overtime period. Joe Johnson led all scorers with 37 points including 8 in the final overtime period.

After the first overtime produced a frighteningly low total of 4 points from both teams, how long this game was going to take was the elephant in the arena. Al Jefferson and Paul Milsap led the charge for Utah each notching double-doubles in the process.

Down the stretch the 15 point hole Utah had to dig themselves out of weighed heavy on the pair. Jefferson got an early rest after picking up his 6th foul with a little more than a minute into the final period. Milsap scored 2 points before picking up his 6th foul a minute later joining Jefferson on the bench. Apparently C.J. Miles didn't get the memo. He waited until the 14 second mark to pick up his 6th foul.

How much wear and tear the Jazz suffered from the extended action will show Monday night when they travel to New Jersey to face the Nets.

Game Superlatives
Third longest game in NBA History.
Players on both teams combined for 5 double-doubles.
Hawks Center Zaza Pachulia grabbed a career high 20 rebounds.



Jazz 133 - Hawks 139

  • Hawks center Zaza Pachulia attempts to block the last second shot of Gordon Hayward before the end of the quarter.

  • Referee Eric Lewisgets in between Al Jefferson and Zaza Pachulia after the Jazz forward took exception to a foul.

  • Jazz G Devin Harris swats the jump shot of Kirk Hinrich into the first row.

  • Hawks G- Jeff Teague banks in the runner before Jazz F- Al Jefferson can get off the ground.

  • Hawks G- Joe Johnson beats the defense down court for a dunk.

  • Hawks G- Jeff Teague glides in for a layup that gets tipped off course by a hustling Paul Milsap.

  • Atlanta native and Jazz forward Derrick Favors guards Hawks F- Ivan Johnson on the dribble drive.

  • Hawks G-Kirk Hinrich splits two Jazz defenders for an awkward twisting layup.

  • Hawks G- Jeff Teague sinks a high floater over the extended arm of Jazz F- Paul Milsap.

  • Hawks F-Josh Smith swoops in to slam home two of his 22 points.

  • Jazz F- Paul Milsap drops two of his 25 points in over the Hawks defense.

  • Jazz F- Paul Milsap punches one down off the break.

  • Hawks C Zaza Pachulia gets credited with a partial deflection on the the jump hook from Jazz F- Al Jefferson

  • Jazz F Al Jefferson slips around Hawks C Zaza Pachulia for a dunk.

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