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Melo Drills 40 Pushes Knicks to 10th Win

Dhantay Jones bumps Kobe Bryant on the shot from the corner
"Hey guys I'm about to burn you for 40." Carmelo Anthony may not
have made that statement during this brief discussion but he definitely did it.

Carmelo Anthony cooled off a little the night after broiling the Heat for 50 pts. On the eve of the Final Four, the former 'Cuse star scalded the Hawks for 40 pts and pushed the Knicks to their 10th straight win 95-82.

Anthony was fire right out of the gate knocking down 5 of 8 shots from the field including a triple for a fresh 13 points. Hawks forward Kyle Korver kept Atlanta in the game burying 5 of 7 shots with 2 three pointers in second quarter. Korver finished with 25 points on the night.

The pair continued their unlikely scoring battle in the third quarter with Anthony getting the better of Korver 12 points to 10.

Despite the charismatic forward’s heavy lifting it was the combination of stiff defense and a steady diet of Raymond Felton and J.R. Smith at the cup that cooked the Hawks. Atlanta attempted just 12 shots in the final quarter thanks largely in part to seven turnovers. Felton and Smith had a pair of dimes each compared to the 14 pts put up by the Hawks in the period.

Knicks 95 vs Hawks 82


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