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Seahawks Return Fully Loaded

Seahawks defeat Falcons 33-10.

What a difference a year makes. A season after leading the Seahawks to the second round of the playoffs and an eventual loss to the Falcons, a seasoned Russell Wilson returned to the Georgia Dome. The more experienced Wilson reversed the outcome of the previous meeting leading the surging (9-1) Seahawks to a commanding 33-10 win over the spiraling Falcons (2-7).

Seattle’s first half play was a total reversal charging out to a 23-3 lead instead of trailing 0-20 after the first 30 minutes. After Matt Bryant’s 53 yard field goal cut the Seahawks lead in half, Wilson and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell cooked up a double pass for the first score of the game. “Marshawn threw me a good catchable ball and I was able to throw it deep to Jermaine Kearse and he went and attacked the football,” said Wilson.

The Seahawks managed to sandwich in a third field goal before scoring another touchdown with a 1:02 to play in the half. Golden Tate’s one handed grab of Wilson’s pass in the back of the endzone was definitely highlight material. During the 60 yard scoring drive Wilson not only maintained his composure but exuded confidence and poise of a far more seasoned veteran. “My goal is to be the calm in the storm and be the guy that when things are going really well or when things aren’t going so well to be the guy that’s always relaxed and poised and understanding what we need to do,” said Wilson. “I think for us in those situations Coach Carroll does a tremendous job of putting us in so many different situations throughout practice, throughout walk-throughs every opportunity we have we try to do two minute situations. What if we are backed up close to the endzone. So we’re prepared for those situations. And my quarterback coach and I– Coach Smith (Carl) we watch tons of games, past games from years before or games from the week before just so I can prepare my mind for those situations.

Atlanta’s offensive struggles are beginning to take on a life of its own. No Falcons rusher has breached the 100 yard ceiling this season and Sunday’s game was no different. As a team the Falcons managed only 64 yards on the ground on 16 carries. “We just physically didn’t win the line of scrimmage today, on both sides of the football,” said Head Coach Mike Smith.

Defensively, the Falcons gave up 145 yards rushing to Marshawn Lynch and 211 yards total. The always hard running Lynch at times simply imposed his will on the Falcons defense. “Marshawn always sets the tempo for us,” said Seattle Head Coach Pete Carroll.

Lynch added a touchdown, a 1 yard scamper over the left side to start the fourth quarter to cap the scoring on the day.

Seattle Seahawks 33 - Atlanta Falcons 10

Photos - Jake McDonald, CORE 360 Magazine

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