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Hornets Surge Past Panthers

Patrick Austin runs for the game winning TD

Tiny Concordia College scored three touchdowns in the final twelve minutes to defeat Clark Atlanta 22-17 and give Don Lee his first win as the Hornets new head coach.

Lee, the Hornets former defensive coordinator, was named head coach on Wednesday after Shepherd Skanes was released. Skanes had been with the program since the school returned to intercollegiate play in 2005 and had compiled a 30-40 record.

Clark Atlanta jumped out to a 14-0 lead in the first half on a pair of touchdowns in the first quarter. Charles King fired a pass to receiver David Grace for a 39 yard score.

The Panthers mounted a second successful drive from their 21 yard line. Junior running back Jay Carter capped the 11 play drive with a 21 yard touchdown run.

Twenty-five minutes elapsed before any more points reached the scoreboard. A face mask penalty on the Hornets’ Tobias Griffin spotted the Panthers offense position near midfield. Getting points out of the drive should have been a snap but the Panthers couldn’t decide whether to go forward or backward. Clark Atlanta racked up 15 negative yards on three consecutive false start penalties and 11 yards on tackles in the backfield. The Hornets helped their opponents out by jumping off-sides twice. The second off-sides penalty negated a blocked 34 yard field goal. Junior Austin Casillas made good on the attempt from closer in.

Smiles turned to blank looks and then to worry as the Hornets chipped away at the 17 point lead in the fourth quarter. A 32 yard punt gave Concordia excellent field position at the Panthers 40 yard line. Immoni Carswell, playing in place of starter Keith Ray, connected with Antwon Armstrong for 9 yards and scrambled for another 11 yards to get inside the redzone for the first time in the game. Carswell’s 17 yard pass to Armstrong gave the Hornets first and goal at the Panthers 2. Junior running back Terrell Edwards-May took over from there bashing through the middle for a 1 yard touchdown. The decision to go for it, surprisingly didn’t come from the coaching staff. “They came over and said ‘Coach believe in us’ and I said alright I’ll give it to you let’s go,” said Lee.

Playing with an eye towards the future, Coach Lee went for the two-point conversion. Carswell called his own number and made it count.

The Panthers continued to misfire on offense and using up only three minutes of the clock. The momentum had clearly shifted to the visitors sideline.

Carswell used up only 4 seconds to put the Hornets in striking position with a 74 yard bomb to Jeremy Morris. Following Martavious Stewart’s two-point conversion, the Hornets were suddenly a safety or more away from victory.

The Hornets defense continued to shine limiting the Panthers offense to three and out. With a minute twenty five to play, Carswell went exclusively to the air after the coaching staff noticed a tendency in the Clark Atlanta secondary. “I seen them turning a little bit and bailing,” said Lee. “I told him Bird (aka Patrick Austin) it’s coming to you. You can make us or break us and he rose up to the occasion.” Austin caught a short pass from Carswell, shed one blocker and brushed off attempts by two other defenders to knock him out of bounds for a 38 yard game winning touchdown.

Clark Atlanta drops to 1-3 on the season and will face neighborhood rival Morehouse College next week. Concordia moves to 2-1 as they head home to take on the College of Faith.

Concordia College Hornets 22 vs Clark Atlanta Univ Panthers 17

  • Concordia College performs during halftime.

  • Hornets RB Martavious Stewart gets met and driven backwards by Panthers LB Se'Cortney Gardner.

  • Hornets receiver Jeremy Morris reaches down to catch the pass from Imonni Carswell in the second half.

  • Panthers QB Charles King zings a pass to tight end Saledeem Major for a big gain.

  • Panthers tight end Saledeem Major rumbles for a big gain into the Hornets red zone.

  • Hornets DB Tyrell Gavin just misses intercepting the pass from Charles King intended for RB Jay Carter in the end zone.

  • Concordia's blocks of the 34 yard field goal is nullified by an off-sides penalty.

  • Panthers kicker Austin Casillas makes his second field goal attempt split the uprights.

  • Hornets WR David Hampton is taken down by a Panthers LB Brenard Williams.

  • Clark Atlanta DB Jeremy Roberts lines up to tackle Concordia WR Jeremy Morris.

  • Hornets RB Christopher Davidson keeps his eye on the ball despite the pending collision with Panthers DB Errick Clark.

  • Panthers RB Jay Carter steps out of the grasp of Hornets DL Jamal Kidd .

  • Hornets LB Evens Yoyo sacks Panthers QB Charles King for a 10 yard loss.

  • Hornets LB Evens Yoyo sacks Panthers QB Charles King for a 10 yard loss.

  • Hornets QB Immoni Carswell shakes off Panthers LB Se'Cortney Gardner.

  • Panthers defenders knock Hornets WR David Hampton out of the back of the end zone.

  • Concordia RB Terrell Edwards-May plows across the goal line for the Hornets first touchdown of the game.

  • Concordia offensive players crowd around the board as the offensive coordinator draws up the next set of plays.

  • The pass from Panthers QB Charles King is just out of reach of WR David Grace.

  • Concordia DB Stephan McCord nearly gets a hand on the punt from Austin Casillas.

  • Hornets WR David Hampton catches the pass from Carswell in the middle of the CAU zone.

  • Hornets WR David Hampton braces for impact as two Panthers defenders close in for a tackle.

  • Hornets WR Patrick Austin runs down the sideline for the game winning touchdown.

  • Panthers WR Willie Clark jukes Hornets LB Javonne Roman.

  • Hornets DL Jamal Kidd flies in to get an arm around the waist of Panthers WR David Grace.

  • Concordia congratulates new head coach Don Lee with a ceremonial ice water bath.

  • Concordia congratulates new head coach Don Lee with a ceremonial ice water bath.

  • Newly named Concordia head coach Don Lee addresses the squad after a gutsy come from behind win over the Panthers.

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